2024-04-24 MCN List Serve software upgrade
MCN is updating the list software that runs all MCN hosted lists.

The list email service will be intermittent for about 2 hours while the upgrade is in progress.

2023-12-08 Open Air Long Range
***Update 11:00 AM*** A failed battery charger was the cause of the issue - it is being replaced.
All services should now be working.
A power outage At Bald Hill is affecting Internet services on Bald Hill - This is effecting services to Westport. Crews will be on-site with a generator within the hour.

2023-12-05 1:03 AM Open Air Outage
***Update 1:35 PM***
ATT has restored our fiber connection. All services should be back online. ***Update 11:53 AM***
ATT is estimating a time to restoration of 1:30PM - Subject to change if they find additional issues. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We will continue to update you as we know more.

2023-11-22 Open Air Outage - Service Restored
***Update: 11:41AM ***

The Open Air outage has been resolved. A problem with ATT was repaired by ATT.

***9:41AM***MCN is aware of an open air outage - Crews are dispatching to investigate.

2023-11-07 10:23 AM Westport OUTAGE - Resloved
PG&E transformer struck by Lightning - Generator at leased site did not start. MCN manually started the generator.

MCN is aware of an outage affecting the westport customers. MCN is dispatching personal to investigate.

2023-09-04 Email Scam!
So, tell your friends - and do not click on any links in the new spam message!
Subject is: "New sign-in notification".
Delete it!

2023-08-16 08/16/2023 2:15 PM Sonic Emergency Maintenance - Mendocino Central office.
Sonic has replaced the DSLAM and services should be working normally now. Sonic has a tech in the Central Office in Mendocino to work with ATT on some emergency facilities tasks. Sonic will have to take one of the DSLAMs offline to conduct this maintenance. This could and will affect MCN Fusion Internet and Voice services in Meneodino. The outage is expected to be quick - but could last as long as 1.5 hours. MCN was given short notice of this - but did make the effort to reach out to as many business in town so they could prepare.

2023-07-25 Sonic DSLAM Outage Mendocino.
UPDATE: 9:30 AM Sonic has made software repairs and all DSL lines in Mendocino Should be working at this point. MCN customers should re-boot their modems if they are still having issues. Call MCN office after that if rebooting does not fix the problem.

UPDATE: 7/26 7:15 AM MCN Continues so see some issues with Fusion DSL customers in Mendocino, The issue is mainly centered around bonded customers. MCN is working with Sonic to resolve the issue ASAP.

UPDATE: Sonic is dispatching personal from Santa Rosa to investigate. About 2:45 PM on Tuesday July 25th MCN customers in Mendocino served by the equipment in the CO went off line. MCN is investigating this issue will provide updates as soon as it has any info.

2023-07-17 MCN is hiring - Now is a good time to join the MCN Team!
See our new Job openings here: MCN Operations Technician

2023-06-30 MCN Staff Party
The MCN office will be closed today to phone calls, as we will have our end of the year BBQ. If you leave a voicemail in the general voicemail box someone will return your call before the end of the day. There is an emergency option when you call if your support issue is extremely urgent. Thank you so much for your support!

2023-05-23 Maintenance Outage Notification.
Today Tuesday May 23rd MCN will be performing some maintenance on the Open Air infrastructure. The Mendo Litho site will go down about 5 PM as we replace a failing power supply. Expected downtime is 30 minutes.

2023-05-17 Westport Outage
We are aware of an outage effecting all of our Westport long range customers. We are working to identify and resolve the issue ASAP.

2023-05-02 Major Power Outage in Mendocino County
Power is out for most of the Mendocino Coast, including Fort Bragg and Mendocino. While most of our services are still up, we are having isolated issues such as the Main street Open air AP and the Westport store AP. We are actively working to restore services and are told power will be restored later today.

2023-04-05 Open Air Long Range Maintenance - 2:00 PM
When: April 5th 2023 2:00 PM. Today, MCN will be upgrading some equipment that serves the Internet services to the community of Westport and surrounding areas. The upgrade involves replacing the existing data cable that serves the Internet signal with a fiber cable, reducing RF interference observed at our Bald Hill transit point. The outage is expected to take about ½ hour, but customers should plan on the service not being available for one full hour. Thank you in advance for your patience as we improve service in the area.

2023-03-27 Planned outage at Bald Hill 3:15 PM - Complete
A new Power supply was installed outage lasted about 10 min. MCN will be upgrading the power supply at Bald Hill today starting at 3:15 PM, in order to improve services. This will be a full outage and will also affect customers that are part of the Open Air Long Range service from Fort Bragg to Westport. All effort will be taken to minimize the down time that is expected to be about 15 min. Please allow an hour window for any unexpected issues.

2023-03-21 This is an MCN News test
This news line has been modified

2023-02-15 Update
5:00 PM Update: All services have been restored to all locations serving Open Air Internet. New equipment was installed at Bald Hill and that took some extra time extending the outage at that location.

12:00 PM The Bald Hill AP is still having issues and crews are dispatching to make repairs / replace equipment. The site will go offline between 2PM and 4PM while repairs are made.

2023-02-15 Open Air Outage
There is 1 access point not working well in Fort Bragg: Bald Hill. MCN is working to try and diagnose the issue and is working with its vendors to get the sites back online. There is no ETR yet.

2023-01-16 Holiday Notice
The MCN office will be closed in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Monday January 16th.

2023-01-12 Open Air Internet Maintenance
On Friday January 13th starting at 6:00 AM Network technicians will be installing a battery
backup unit. Expected down time is 30 min. All Open Air Internet Services may be affected
during this time.
Outage complete. Downtime was about 20 min.

2023-01-08 Open Air Internet Maintenance
11:10 AM:
All service to affected Open Air Customers has been restored. If you are still expierincing connectvity issues - pelase call MCN at: 707-937-1444
7:30 AM:
The Wireless Access Point that serves Open Air Internet for MCN Customers in the area of the "Sports Club" suffered possible storm damage last night.
About 4:30 AM that location stopped serving internet access. Crews are dispatching out to diagnose and make repairs / upgrades.
While we are trying to restore service as quickly as possible, other customers may be affected as we work on the equipment.
If you are in the in the Harbor District you may see your Internet go offline for short periods of time. MCN crews will try to keep this interruption to a minimum.

2022-12-30 Holiday Notice
The MCN office will be closed in observance of the New Years Day Holiday Monday January 2nd.

2022-12-23 Holiday Notice
MCN office will be closed for the Christmas Day Holiday

2022-12-23 Holiday Notice
The MCN office will be closed in observance of the Christmas Holiday Friday Dec 23rd and Monday December 26th.

2022-08-25 Future of MCN
Future of MCN:

As many of you are aware, the Mendocino Unified School District Board of Directors considered the bid proposals for the sale of MCN at it's board meeting last night, Wednesday, August 24.

After reviewing all proposals, and considering community input, the board voted to reject all bids.

The board further directed Superintendent Morse to review the applications thus far submitted for MCN Business Manager and Inside Operations Manager, and to interview the qualified candidates.

MCN will continue to develop new customer relationships and has been proud to serve our community for the past 26 years with many more to come.

2022-08-22 Email-Scam Alert
MCN is aware of an email that went our to some customers with the subject "Your recurring bill payment declined". The email contained a link to a google document asking for some personal information that may include payment information.

This is not an email from MCN. Please delete it and do not click on the link in the email.

If you did click on the link and filled out any payment information, please contact your financial institution. If you filled in your email address and password - please contact MCN to change your email password.

2022-07-20 Employment Opportunity
The Mendocino Unified School District (MUSD) Board of Trustees is seeking a qualified individual to manage the day to day business and technical operations of The Mendocino Community Network (MCN), the district’s fully owned Internet service provider. The position will afford the successful candidate an opportunity to build on MCN’s twenty eight year history of providing quality Internet and phone service to the North Coast and take MCN forward by developing new revenue streams for the business.

MCN is also looking for a Billing "Inside Operations Manager" Full Time (M-F 40 Hr/week, 12 months)
Job Openings

2022-07-19 Future of MCN
Future of MCN While the future of MCN was the topic of a special board meeting on July 7, 2022, please know that MCN is still open for business and ready to serve and support our customers. All of our Outside Operations staff and Inside Operations Agents are available during our normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm; and can be contacted either via email,, or by telephone, (707) 937-1444.

Because of the nature of our small size, there may be instances where you will have to leave a message as our technicians may be in the field helping other customers with hardware issues. All emails and calls will be returned.

At the July 7 board meeting, the MUSD board took action to begin the process of selling MCN. However, the district is continuing to look to recruit a Business Manager and an Inside Operations Manager, which would allow us to maintain operations and continue to be owned by the school district.

The sales process will begin with the publication of a notice inviting bids for sale beginning July 21 through August 11 in the local papers. The district is requiring that sealed bids be received at the district office before noon on August 19, 2022. All bids will be opened and evaluated on August 19. The district may reject all bids, or accept the highest bid.

Through the ongoing recruitment we are continuing to look for qualified candidates who would be interested in either a permanent or interim position. Interim candidates would help to get us through the sales process, while permanent candidates could allow us to maintain operations.

We thank all of our customers for your patronage and continued support and patience as we work through this transition.

MUSD Website

2022-06-30 In Service Day Notice
MCN office will be closed for an In-Service Day. We will respond to emergency voicemails.

2022-06-20 Holiday Notice
MCN office will be closed in observations of the Juneteenth Holiday

2022-06-01 1:00 PM Emergency Open Air Maintenance
Emergency Equipment Maintenance - Colombi's Market Today we are upgrading the equipment to increase capacity as well as install upgraded antennas that will increase signal and reduce noise. There will be downtime in the afternoon while we upgrade the equipment. We will begin working on the equipment at 1PM today and will do our best to minimize downtime. The service may not go down until later in the afternoon and we will be working until it is complete.
Update 7:40 PM
All clients should be back online.
Update 6:15 PM
New AP's are coming online. Customers should be back online soon.
Update 4:15 PM
AP is offline as new equipment is installed.

2022-05-30 Holiday Notice
MCN office will be closed for the Memorial Day Holiday

2022-05-25 In Service Day Notice
MCN office will be closed for an In-Service Day. We will respond to emergency voicemails.

2022-05-11 6:50 AM Fiber Cut Fort Bragg Area: Services Restored
The Fiber connection to Fort Bragg was restored around 6:45AM this morning. We are monitoring our services to ensure everything is back online.

2022-04-28 Open Air Maintenance
Between 11:30 AM and 3:30 PM on April 28th antennas at the Bald Hill AP will be upgraded. Service will go on and off several times during the upgrade.

2022-04-27 In Service Day Notice
MCN office will be closed for an In-Service Day. We will respond to emergency voicemails.

2022-03-30 In Service Day Notice
MCN office will be closed for an In-Service Day. We will respond to emergency voicemails.

2022-03-09 1:00 PM Webmail Upgrade
We are upgrading webmail to a new version and some of our customizations were unapplied. We are working to restore the look and feel to a template that you are more familiar with. In the meantime all of your email is safe and you may want to check back later.
Update 5:00 PM
Webmail Lite has been updated with our color scheme. It is different but should feel more like the old version.

2022-03-04 9:45 AM Fusion Incoming Call Issue
Sonic is currently investigating an inbound calling issue to Fusion lines.
Fusion Inbound Call Status Update 2022-03-07 3:00 PM
The inbound call provider was able to locate a routing issue. We will monitor the resolution to see if the problem has been corrected.
Monday Morning Update 2022-03-07 10:00 AM
We are still seeing intermittent issues with inbound calls to Fusion lines and are actively working to resolve the problem.

2022-02-23 In Service Day Notice
MCN office will be closed for an In-Service Day. We will respond to emergency voicemails.

2022-01-26 In Service Day Notice
MCN office will be closed for an In-Service Day. We will respond to emergency voicemails.

2022-01-17 Holiday Notice
MCN office will be closed for the Martin Luther King Jr Holiday

2022-01-13 Emergency Open Air Maintenance
Between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM on the morning of the 13th and 14th equipment on the Chestnut Street AP will be moved causing some down time.

2021-12-30 Holiday Notice
MCN office will be closed for the New Years Day Holiday

2021-12-21 In Service Day Notice
MCN office will be closed for an In-Service Day. We will respond to emergency voicemails.

2021-12-03 12:00 PM Incoming Email Issue
A misconfigured firewall began blocking inbound mail around 12:00 PM today. Mail is now flowing to the mail servers but it may take an hour or two for the mail to flow through. Any mail sent was queued at the originating mail server and will be delivered and no mail should be lost.
Update 5:30 PM
Mail is now flowing properly and this is considered resolved.

2021-11-11 Holiday Notice
MCN office will be closed for the Veterans Day Holiday

2021-10-24 10 Digital Dialing for 707 Area Code
Beginning October 24th it will be mandatory to dial 10 digits in the 707 area code.
Read more

2021-10-12 3:00 PM Email Server Issues
Email services are coming back online. There is very heavy load to catchup from the down time so please be patient.

2021-10-12 12:00 PM Email Server Issues
MCN is currently having issues with the mail servers. We are working to restore service as quickly as possible.

2021-09-30 Fusion & Digital Voice Resolved
All calls in and out should be working normal.

2021-09-29 Fusion & Digital Voice Issues
The DDoS attack is continuing to cause problems for our upstream provider. We continue to monitor the situation and have no estimated time of repair.
Upstream Status Page:

2021-09-27 Digital Voice Resolved
The DDoS attack at is currently resolved.
All Fusion and Digital Voice calls should be working normally.

2021-09-27 Digital Voice Issue
MCN is currently experiencing a partial outage of incoming calls. This is due to an upstream DDoS attack. There was a similar problem on Saturday as well.
Bandwidth is a very large provider so it is likely that outbound calls via Fusion lines are impacted as well.
Upstream Status Page:

2021-09-25 Open Air Internet Maintenance
Saturday Morning MCN will be performing maintenance that will cause temporary outages.
The maintenance windows is between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM
Downtime should be less than 5 minutes.

2021-09-06 Holiday Notice
MCN office will be closed for the Labor Day Holiday

2021-06-29 New!
MCN is proud to announce a new, faster internet only connection option in Fort Bragg: Open Air Internet. Open Air offers faster speeds in most of Fort Bragg and can be paired with our Digital Voice solution to offer a complete internet and phone package.

2021-06-29 Hello World
Welcome to the updated MCN website! It has been 12 years since the last major refresh and we are very excited to share our new website with you!