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Domains are purchased for 1-9 years at a time. All domains with MCN are auto-renewed unless you ask to cancel your domain. Domains vary in price depending on the TLD (Top Level Domain) so the price for a .com is not the same as .net. See the table below for current pricing.

TLD Annual Registration TLDPricing Starting July 1st 2023
.com 18.00 .com $19.95
.net $20.30 .net $20.30
.org $17.30 .org $19.95
.biz $17.30 .biz $24.95
.design $59.95 .design $59.95
.fun $35.00 .fun $35.00
.graphics $22.00 .graphics $22.00
.info $19.95 .info $19.95
.me $17.30 .me $17.30
.us $17.30 .us $19.95
.work $17.30 .work $17.30