Mendocino Community Network

About MCN

The Mendocino Community Network is a business owned and operated by the Mendocino Unified School District.

Our office is located in Mendocino, California, on the high school campus overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

Our mission is to provide high-quality, personal Internet services to our school district, our customers, and the communities that we serve.

Thanks to all of our customers for your patronage and continued support.


Name Title Email Phone
Sage Statham Manager 707-937-1444 Ext 123
Jerry Moore Sr Network Administrator 707-937-1444 Ext 101
Rob Buch Operations Engineer 707-937-1444 Ext 103
Nina Statham Inside Operations Manager 707-937-1444 Ext 120
Matthew Starkweather Outside Operations Manager 707-937-1444 Ext 124
Jiro Tulley Operations Technician 707-937-1444 Ext 121
Marco Ramos-Cortes Operations Technician 707-937-1444 Ext 122
Zach Friedley Operations Technician 707-937-1444 Ext 127