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MCN offers e-mail services to fit every need. Whether you need a single e-mail box for personal use or a large number of boxes for your business or organization, MCN can take care of your e-mail needs. Extra e-mail boxes are bundled with many MCN services including Open Air Internet, Fusion, DSL, Dialup, and Domain Name Service. Customers without these services can purchase an e-mail box for $4.00 per month.

If you have problems with a current email or would like to setup an email contact: or call our office 707-937-1444

MCN E-Mail Storage Rates (effective August 1st, 2021):
Bundled emails include 250 MB of storage, paid accounts include 1 GB of storage.

StorageBundled AccountPaid AccountPaid Account
Up to 250 MB Included Included$4.00
250 MB to 500 MB$1.00Included$4.00
500 MB to 1 GB$2.00Included$4.00
1 GB to 2 GB$3.50+$1.00$5.00 total
2 GB to 5 GB$5.00+$2.50$6.50 total
5 GB to 20 GB$8.95+$6.50$10.50 total
20GB to 50GB$10.95+$8.50$12.50 total
50GB to 80GB$12.95+$10.50$14.50 total
80GB to 125GB$14.95+$12.50$16.50 total


SSL and TLS Encrypted E-Mail Transmission for both our incoming and outgoing servers. These secure transmission protocols allow for encryption of your password and your e-mail messages to and from the MCN mail servers and are widely used in the ISP industry. These secure transmission protocols can be used from any Internet connection. These are good to use if you are away from home, using a wi-fi hotspot, or just want some additional security during transmission of your e-mail messages. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this.

Using SSL/TLS Encryption: We have added instructions for turning on SSL e-mail for all of the major e-mail clients such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage and OS X Mail to our Special E-mail Features Instructions

Bulk e-mail pricing is available by calling the MCN office at 937-1444 or (800)796-3896

What are the default MCN email server settings?

Protocol Server Name Port Non-SSL Port SSL Type Authentication
IMAP (Incoming) 993 143 SSL/TLS Password
POP (Incoming) 995 110 SSL/TLS Password
SMTP (Outgoing Mail) 465 N/A SSL/TLS Password
SMTP (Outgoing Mail) 587 N/A STARTTLS Password