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MCN Newsletters

MCN Newsletter 2013-5-20

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MCN May 2013 Newsletter
Welcome to the MCN May 2013 newsletter.  

MCN Customer Survey: Our 2013 customer service survey is now available. The survey is short with 11 basic questions You can follow this link to the survey:

Fusion Workshops in June/July--Save the Date!: Interested in our Fusion product but want to know more? We'll be holding workshops at the CV Starr Center in Fort Bragg on June 29th and July 20th. Two workshops each day at 1:30 PM and 2:30 PM. We'll also be at the Matheson Performing Arts Center in Mendocino on the Mendocino High School campus at 10:30 AM on Saturday, June 29th. Also, we have new maps showing the approximate area of coverage of our Fusion service in Mendocino and Fort Bragg. If you're on the edge of the service and aren't sure if you qualify, you can call us and we can pre-qualify your location or phone number.  Over 900 residences and business are currently using the Fusion product. More information at

Email storage changes: Beginning on June 1st we will be changing the way we bill for extra e-mail storage. Instead of an additional $1 for each 250 megabytes of storage, we'll have larger classifications that will give everyone more storage for less cost. The details on the new email storage rates can be found here:

Domain Specials: We have several domain specials at the moment. These are listed on the MCN home pages and can also be found at out domain services page:

Employee Retirement: Our best wishes and congratulations to Lynne Calder who will be retiring from MCN . Lynne's last day in the office will be Thursday, May 23rd.

Calls from MCN Fusion Lines: If you have caller ID you may notice calls coming from 707-397-1484. This is one of three Fusion phone lines we use here at MCN so these calls are from us.

As always, thanks for supporting MCN. We appreciate your business and that you have chosen MCN to provide you with Internet services.

Mitch Sprague
MCN Business Manager 
Last Updated on Tuesday, 21 May 2013 08:55

MCN Newsletter 03-2012

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March, 2012 MCN Newsletter - Fusion and Services Update

Fusion Update: We're well past 200 Fusion customers and more people every day are saving money and getting better service by choosing Fusion for their phone and DSL service.

Two announcements regarding Fusion:
  1. As of March 1st, local and long distance calling anywhere in the U.S. is now free for both business and residential customers.
  2. We're now accepting orders in phase 3 of our deployment plan. This means that nearly all customers who have DSL in our Mendocino and Fort Bragg footprint can now get Fusion service.
Fusion provides phone service and next generation DSL in a bundled package starting at $49.95 for residential customers and $59.95 with around $10 in mandated fees for each service. You can also bundle two phone lines together and get double the speed. Nearly every customer moving to Fusion service is saving money--especially business customers. And business customers, I'm happy to come and meet with you on site at your business in Mendocino or Fort Bragg to develop not only a Fusion implementation plan but to look at how you can reduce your overall phone costs using Fusion. More information at

Domain Specials: Get the first year of a new registration on these domains:
  • .pro $10.95 through April 30th
  • .org $14.30 through April 30th
  • .me $15.99 through March 31st
  • .mobi $11.99 through March 31st
Send your request for any of these domain names, or any domain name for that matter, to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to get your order started! For more information on all of our domain products please check out our Domain Information Page:

SecureLink: More and more people are using wi-fi connections in hotels, coffee shops, and Internet cafes when they travel. But you never know who else is on the network or what they are doing. SecureLink isn't for everyone so if you don't use wi-fi hotspots, hotel networks or other connections away from your home connection, then you can stop here. But if you're looking for additional security when you travel with your laptop or use other networks, Securelink may be the solution for you for $5.99 per month or $60 for the entire year. SecureLink is a wi-fi security product that protects all of your data by encrypting it at your laptop and away from the prying eyes of anyone on that network. You simply install the software on your computer and enable the service with MCN. All of the information you send to or from the Internet is then encrypted and sent to our Santa Rosa data center where we unencrypt it and send it to or from the Internet for you. It creates a personal VPN for you. This keeps prying eyes away from your data whether it's e-mail, instant messages, or what websites you are looking at.
For more information re: SecureLink please go to
or call MCN and ask to find out more about our SecureLink product.

Temporary Position Available: Our billing technician is out on maternity leave until September 1st. We are looking for someone who would like to do basic check entry and document scanning in our office 12 hours a week until September 1st. You do not need to answer the phones. If you or someone you know is interested, they can contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or (707) 937-1444, ext 126. Also, we may have some minor delays in check processing during this time and we appreciate your patience during this period.

Discontinued Services: We have discontinued the following services. (Effective dates are listed with the service below):
  • NNTP (Usenet) News Groups: These will be discontinued as of 3/31/12. We suggest that customers who wish to continue using this type of service purchase an account from one of the third party news groups such as
  • Nationwide Dialup: We ended our Nationwide dialup service on March 1st. Dialup service will continue in California, except for a few areas of Southern California.
  • White Pages: For security and privacy reasons, we've discontinued the White Pages listing which allowed MCN customers to look up the e-mail addresses of other MCN customers who had opted into the system.
As always, we thank you for your support of MCN and thank you for choosing MCN as your internet service provider.

Mitchell Sprague
Get your website ready for mobile phone users with an
MCN goMobi website
Mendocino Community Network Business Manager
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
(707) 937-1444 ext126 | (800)796-3896 ext126
Last Updated on Tuesday, 21 May 2013 08:54

MCN Newsletter 10-2011

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Welcome to October 2011 MCN Newsletter.  We've dedicated our October newsletter to our website and domain customers. If you're receiving this, we have you on file as the contact for an account with a website, domain service, or domain registration here at MCN. We wanted to share the latest information regarding websites and domains with you.

New Products --SiteLock and Truste--
MCN is pleased to offer two new products to our customers.
  1. SiteLock is a website scanning service that for $49.95 a year will do a deep 360 degree scan for a website of up to 500 pages and report directly to you if any problems are found with your website. In addition, you'll get to display a small SiteLock "Passed" image on your website that lets your customers know that you take security seriously. SiteLock plans are available for smaller and larger websites as well. More information at

  2. TrustE is an industry leader in website privacy policy creation and protection. For $30 a year Truste will help you create and make available to everyone using your MCN hosted website an industry compliant privacy policy. For $129.95 per year Truste will also provide a privacy seal you can display on your MCN hosted website and monitor it for privacy threats that would otherwise go unnoticed. This service is ideal for anyone doing e-commerce who wants to ensure visitors to their website that they take privacy seriously. More information, including a short video on the product at

  3. goMobi Websites: The use of mobile device like smartphones and tablets like the iPad are exploding. But users of these devices have different needs than those using laptop or desktop computers. For just $5.99 a month, MCN can give you a mobile device based website that is the perfect compliment to your regular website and will drive traffic to your business. To learn more, visit our goMobi information page at or check out our goMobi website at with your smartphone, tablet or desktop/laptop computer.

  4. PHP 5.3: We've mentioned this before, but MCN now offers PHP 5.3 for any customer website that needs it. If you are interested in getting PHP 5.3 just let us know and we can work with you or your web designer to implement PHP 5.3.

  5. Expanded Top Level Domains: Beginning in 2012 ICANN, the worldwide governing body for domain names will be rapidly expanding the number of suffixes for domain names. While we're all familiar with .com, .net, and .org, we are looking at the potential for hundreds of these extensions, known as top level domains (TLD's), to come on the market in the next one to two years. ICANN is accepting applications for these in just 90 days. As we learn more about this process, we'll be sharing that information with you. In the mean time, ICANN has prepared a video on the subject which can be viewed at

  6. Domain price increases in January: The entities controlling the prices of domain names have informed us that they will be raising wholesale prices in January of 2012. We have no choice but to pass these along to our customers. We'll be making an announcement in late November about the details of the price increases and which domains will be affected

  7. Adult Entertainment Services Domain Blocks: A new top level domain, .xxx, has come on the market in the past month or so. While, as you might expect, MCN is not interested in selling these domains for adult entertainment services, we may be able to help you put a block on the .xxx version of your domain name so that it is not used by the adult entertainment industry. Through the first part of December, there are some requirements around trademarks, and in general the costs are much higher ($80 to $160 per year based on when you register), but if you are interested in trying to obtain a .xxx block, please feel free to contact me.

  8. Our Domain Renewal Policy: Just a reminder that our default policy here at MCN, unlike a lot of the big domain companies, is to renew your domain name unless we hear from you in writing that you want to give it up. We feel this gives you peace of mind and provides a better customer experience rather than the problems that could result from a lost domain name because you failed to respond to an e-mail. However, it does put the responsibility on you to cancel domains that you no longer need. So please contact our domain department in writing at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you no longer wish to renew your domain registration

  9. Domains are Business and Personal Assets: We've run into a handful of situations lately where changes in business or personal relationships have caused a dispute about domain name possession. We strongly recommend that the domain be registered in the name of the owner of the domain--the registrant of a domain name is the legal owner of the domain name. Please remember that domain names are just like any other asset. If you end up trying to resolve a dispute involving a domain name, we'll need legal paperwork to show that you are entitled to be the rightful owner of the domain. Likewise, if you'll be transferring assets to another party, and your domain name is one of them, please contact the domain department at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and inform us of what changes need to be made for smooth transition of ownership.

  10. Let us Help You with Domain Names: We have two full time staff here at MCN dedicated to your domain names. Please feel free to contact them at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by calling MCN at 937-1444 or (800) 796-3896 if we can provide you assistance with your domain names. We've included links to product and technical information in this newsletter. If you want to verify that these are valid, please go to the MCN home page and this newsletter is prominently displayed there. As always, we appreciate your business and your continued support of MCN. Mitch
As always, thank you for your support and for choosing MCN as your Internet Service Provider. We appreciate your support.

Get your website ready for mobile phone users with an MCN goMobi website
Mendocino Community Network
Business Manager- This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
(707) 937-1444 ext 126 | (800) 796-3896 ext 126
Last Updated on Thursday, 13 October 2011 16:34

MCN Newsletter 8-2011

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Welcome to the August 2011 MCN Newsletter
  1. Internet - Phone Service: In the spring we sent out a survey asking if our customers would be interested in a combination high speed internet/land line service. Many of you have asked for an update on where we are at with this product. For the past several months we have continued to work on being able to offer this product. While we don't have a formal announcement and cannot yet discuss details, we want you to know that we are continuing our efforts towards bringing this product to the parts of Fort Bragg and Mendocino served by our current DSL offering. Please stay tuned.

  2. Domain Name News: There is a lot going on in the world of domain names. First, until September 30th, MCN has a sale on domain names ending in .mobi for $13, .info for $12, and for .me $18. In addition, .tv is on sale for $22 through December 31st. All sale prices are for the first year of new registrations only.

    In other domain name news, ICANN, the world governing body for domain names, has announced major changes coming to the domain market in 2012. The number of top level domains, which are identified by the dot and suffix on a domain name such as .com, or .net will explode into thousands of these suffixes. Those of you with high speed connections can watch a video on this topic at or alternatively you can read this article at MCN will keep you informed as this process gets under way and let you know which new domains you will be able to purchase from us.

  3. PHP 5.3 is coming to MCN Web Servers: We are currently in the final stages of testing PHP 5.3 for our servers. We will be running PHP 5.2 and 5.3 at the same time so an upgrade at this point is optional. If you or your web designer are interested in using PHP 5.3, please let me know at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or reply to this e-mail stating you are interested in PHP 5.3 and we'll get you or your web designer the details.

  4. goMobi Upgrades: Tens of thousands of new mobile phone users come on line every day. Is your website easy for them to use? MCN has a simple, easy to use website tool that presents your business or organization's content in a format that's easy to read for mobile phone users. The goMobi platform has just been upgraded with more icon sets, support for QR codes, support for location based services (like foursquare, Facebook Places, Google Places, Yelp and Gowalla) improved social network support and more color choices for text and background. Whether you have a mobile phone or not, you can see a goMobi website in action at goMobi websites are just $5.99 per month. More information at

  5. On Line Storage: We continue to explore options for our customers who are interested in on-line storage and hope to be bringing you news on this front in the very near future.

  6. Message Attachments: MCN is a small internet service provider and as such our mail systems can only process attachments of a certain size. We recommend that you limit your attachments to 15 megs or less.

    An easier way for some customers to send very large files is a free service called YouSendIt. You can visit their website at

    When you send messages with large attachments (often groups of photos) that exceed the system limit we will reject those messages. If they remain in your Out Box and you continue to send them over and over again from a high speed connection, you can use up a considerable amount of our bandwidth while we process and reject the message over and over. When this happens you will get a notice from MCN indicating that your account has been "greylisted". This means that you will not be able to send any further messages until we resolve the problem. When you receive these notices, please call the MCN office if it is during our business hours (M-F 9 to 6) and let us know you have removed the large message from your outbox or we'll help you resolve the problem. If it is outside of normal business hours, please use the web e-mail system at and send a message to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it letting us know you have removed the message and we'll remove the grey listing as soon as we see that message. Again if you remove the message the first time it is rejected, then this will not happen.

  7. Proofpoint and Viruses: We've seen an uptick in viruses being sent to MCN customers. The Proofpoint system is catching these. But I'd like to take a moment to explain how Proofpoint handles messages with viruses. First, a large portion of virus messages are simply destroyed because the virus is identified and the sender is clearly malicious in intent. In a few case, the system thinks you may want to know who sent you a virus laden message and it will display that information in your digest. However, due to the potential for damage by even looking at these messages, Proofpoint will not display them or allow you to release them from the system. We've seen a lot of messages lately allegedly coming from United Parcel Service that have virus laden attachments with them. While Proofpoint may display these, they are most likely not from UPS. If you have any questions about your email or the Proofpoint system, please feel free to call us or send and e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

  8. Regulatory Update: As part of the implementation of the national broadband plan (, the FCC is currently doing a significant review of the universal service fund--the fund which subsidizes rural phone service in areas where it is not cost effective to do so. The intent of this review is to change the system away from subsidies from voice service to subsidies for broadband service which can also carry voice service. This process will determine a significant part of the future of rural broadband, and is heavily influenced by the large telecom/cable companies. The FCC has already opened a notice of rule making ( and the comment period on that has closed. A quick overview of this process can be found here: including a current opportunity for public comment ( on a number of matters, including three in-depth “plans” proposed by
    1. State Members of the Federal-State Universal Service Joint Board (“State Plan”)
    2. The proposals put forward by the Rural Associations (“RLEC Plan”)
    3. The “America’s Broadband Connectivity Plan” filed by six Price Cap Local Exchange Carriers, including Verizon and AT&T (“ABC Plan”).
    We'll be tracking this issue closely in the coming months as the FCC moves towards establishing new regulations for the universal service fund and broadband deployment.
As always, thank you for your support and for choosing MCN as your Internet Service Provider. We appreciate your support.

Get your website ready for mobile phone users with an MCN goMobi website
Mendocino Community Network
Business Manager- This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
(707)937-1444 ext126 | (800)796-3896 ext126
Last Updated on Thursday, 13 October 2011 16:34

MCN Newsletter 4-2011

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Welcome to the April 2011 MCN Newsletter
  1. MCN Survey: Once again this year, we're doing a customer survey and would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes and complete our 10 question customer survey before Wednesday, May 4th. You can find the survey here:

  2. ADSL2 + Voice: A few months ago we had our DSL customers fill out a survey regarding a new advanced DSL/land line combination product. While we don't have a formal announcement at this time, we want to let you know that we are working hard and making significant progress in bringing this product to the market and will have more information in the next month or so--stay tuned!

  3. GoMobi Websites: MCN offers a special "GoMobi" website designed to appeal to users of mobile phones and tablets. The site is easy to configure and has 28 different features you can enable through an easy to use web interface. GoMobi websites cost just $5.99 per month. More information here:

  4. Domain Name Specials: MCN is currently running special pricing on domain ending in .co, .tv. and .mobi. Our .co special ends in April. More information on the specials and all our domain name offerings at

  5. SecureLink: MCN offers secure e-mail transmissions and many websites offer secure transactions, but if you are traveling with a laptop and using wi-fi hotspots that you are not familiar with, we do offer our MCN SecureLink product for $5.99 per month. Using special software the SecureLink program encrypts your entire internet session and sends it to our servers in our co-located data center where our servers then send it out and back to the Internet, re-encrypt it and send it back to you. More information on all of our security options at

  6. Spam News: Good news in the fight against spam. In the last couple of months, two major "bot-nets", very large groups of compromised computers used to send out spam have been broken down. The two bot-net networks known as Rustock and Coreflood are effectively off line. At MCN, we've seen a marked decrease in the amount of spam messages coming our way. For those interested in the technical details, security expert Brian Krebs has articles about both of these at and

  7. Be Safe On-Line: "You've probably seen news this week about a large scale exposure of names and email addresses as hackers gained access to a database controlled by Epsilon, a third-party marketing firm that provides email list management services for some of the world's biggest and most popular brand" begins a notification from our spam filtering service Proofpoint. And many of us have indeed received these notices. In light of this, it's a good idea to review common sense on-line security strategies. Our partners at Proofpoint and Brian Krebs have some good tips in these articles: and

  8. Facebook and Twitter: Don't forget you can follow us on Twitter (@mcnisp or and Facebook (

As always, thank you for your support and for choosing MCN as your Internet Service Provider. We appreciate your support.

Get your website ready for mobile phone users with an MCN goMobi website
Mendocino Community Network
Business Manager- This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
(707)937-1444 ext126 | (800)796-3896 ext126
Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 August 2011 16:21
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