Welcome to the MCN Community Listserv Un-Subscribe Page

From this page you can unsubscribe to the many community listservs that MCN sponsors.

To un-subscribe to a list all you have to do is:
1) Enter your e-mail address in the "Un-Subscribe Form" below.
2) Choose which community list you would like to leave by clicking on the blue tab to the right of the list name field.
3) In the drop down list click on the name of the list you want to leave.
4) A page appears saying you've successfully un-subscribed to the list.
5) You will receive a confirmation email to which you must respond by simply clicking "Reply" in your email program.
6) As soon as you have "Replied" to the email, you will be notified that you have been taken off the list.
That completes the un-subscription process.

You can also un-subscribe to any listserv by sending an email to: listname-leave@lists.mcn.org
i.e. To un-subscribe to the Mendocino or Fort Bragg listserv send an email to:
mendocino-leave@lists.mcn.org or fortbragg-leave@lists.mcn.org

Quick link to un-subscribe to the Announce listserv: announce-leave@lists.mcn.org
Quick link to un-subscribe to the Discussion listserv: discussion-leave@lists.mcn.org

**IMPORTANT NOTE: After subscribing to a listserv with either method described above, you will receive an email
acknowledging you've joined a group. You MUST reply to that email to complete the procedure for each listserv
to which you have subscribed or un-subscribed.

listmanager@mcn.org and specify which listserv you want to join or leave.

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