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MCN Spam Control - Proofpoint Manual

Working with Quarantined Messages

MCN Spam Control, powered by Proofpoint, scans all mail that comes into MCN for viruses and junk email.
Once a piece of mail is determined to be virus-laden or spam it goes into a quarantine where you can view it
after logging into your message center at the Proofpoint site.

To get to the Login screen for MCN Spam Control do one of the following:
- Go to the MCN homepage and find the Proofpoint Login window at the bottom of the left column.

- Type in a blank address bar of any browser: and then click enter/return on your keyboard.

- Click on the "Manage My Account" link in the Digest emailed to you from MCN.

Username = your MCN email address
Password = your MCN password
Click once on the "Login" button

This will bring you to the Quarantine Window. As always, your sections and categories are available on the left side of the screen. On the right you will see the messages that have been held back as possible spam. Each message shows the spam score. The higher the score, the more likelihood the message is spam. You then see the sender, the subject, the date and the size of the message.

To view the contents of an email single click on any part of the email listed.
The contents of the message will be shown below in a box below the subject of the message.

NEW FEATURES: To close the Preview Window of the quarantined message:
Click on the red "X" in the upper right corner of the Preview Window
See red circle above
To preview the next message or the previous message:
With the Preview Window open, click on the arrows
to move to the next or previous quarantined message.
See blue circle above

If the message is not spam and you want it delivered to your inbox check the box to the left of the email.
Then click once on the RELEASE button in the top menu.

NOTE: You can also release multiple messages at one time.

To make it so that email address is NEVER blocked check the box to the left of the email.
Then click once on the SAFELIST button in the top menu.

To delete one or more quarantined message check the box(es) to the left of the email(s).
Then click once on the DELETE button in the top menu.

PLEASE NOTE: Proofpoint will delete messages left in your Quarantine Center after 7 days.

To check ALL the emails in the window so that you can perform a single task on multiple emails
click on the LISTS button and in the drop down menu click on Select All .

To uncheck ALL the emails in a window click on the LISTS button
and in the drop down menu click on Unselect All.

You can search the quarantine.
One of the new features in this MCN Spam Control is
the ability to search all of the messages that have been held back.
If you are looking for an important message and want to quickly see if it is quarantined,
you can search by either the subject or the sender's e-mail address.
To search for a specific email then click on the FIND button.

The Find Window opens on top of your quarantined message.
You can then search by the sender by entering an e-mail address (or even just part of an address)
in the From box or by subject by entering the subject or part of the subject in the Subject box.

If you are in another part of the program and want to return to the quarantined messages:
Double click on the word "Quarantine" to the right of the Quarantine Folder at the top of the left column.

Your quarantined messages are listed to the right. See graphic of entire Quarantine window above.

VIRUS Folder

Double click on the word "Virus" to the right of the Virus Folder at the top of the left column.
You'll see a list, in the right column, of the virus laden emails MCN Spam Control has quarantined.
The virus has been removed so you can read the email it was housed in by doubleclicking on the email. Please note that virus laden e-mail cannot be released for delivery

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