MCN Newsletter 4-2011

Welcome to the April 2011 MCN Newsletter
  1. MCN Survey: Once again this year, we're doing a customer survey and would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes and complete our 10 question customer survey before Wednesday, May 4th. You can find the survey here:

  2. ADSL2 + Voice: A few months ago we had our DSL customers fill out a survey regarding a new advanced DSL/land line combination product. While we don't have a formal announcement at this time, we want to let you know that we are working hard and making significant progress in bringing this product to the market and will have more information in the next month or so--stay tuned!

  3. GoMobi Websites: MCN offers a special "GoMobi" website designed to appeal to users of mobile phones and tablets. The site is easy to configure and has 28 different features you can enable through an easy to use web interface. GoMobi websites cost just $5.99 per month. More information here:

  4. Domain Name Specials: MCN is currently running special pricing on domain ending in .co, .tv. and .mobi. Our .co special ends in April. More information on the specials and all our domain name offerings at

  5. SecureLink: MCN offers secure e-mail transmissions and many websites offer secure transactions, but if you are traveling with a laptop and using wi-fi hotspots that you are not familiar with, we do offer our MCN SecureLink product for $5.99 per month. Using special software the SecureLink program encrypts your entire internet session and sends it to our servers in our co-located data center where our servers then send it out and back to the Internet, re-encrypt it and send it back to you. More information on all of our security options at

  6. Spam News: Good news in the fight against spam. In the last couple of months, two major "bot-nets", very large groups of compromised computers used to send out spam have been broken down. The two bot-net networks known as Rustock and Coreflood are effectively off line. At MCN, we've seen a marked decrease in the amount of spam messages coming our way. For those interested in the technical details, security expert Brian Krebs has articles about both of these at and

  7. Be Safe On-Line: "You've probably seen news this week about a large scale exposure of names and email addresses as hackers gained access to a database controlled by Epsilon, a third-party marketing firm that provides email list management services for some of the world's biggest and most popular brand" begins a notification from our spam filtering service Proofpoint. And many of us have indeed received these notices. In light of this, it's a good idea to review common sense on-line security strategies. Our partners at Proofpoint and Brian Krebs have some good tips in these articles: and

  8. Facebook and Twitter: Don't forget you can follow us on Twitter (@mcnisp or and Facebook (

As always, thank you for your support and for choosing MCN as your Internet Service Provider. We appreciate your support.

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